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Music Reviews and Suggestions
Essential Downloads: Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye had a string of hits on the Motown label but it was his work in the early 1970s that resonates the strongest today.

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Front-to-Back Album Review: Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song

The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach hits us with an infectiously happy album that's the perfect antidote for the rest of the world.

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Essential Downloads: Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is the vocalist and pop star by which every other is measured. If you were born after the mid-50s, it may have taken some time to get into Sinatra as the musician and not the caricature. These Essential Downloads will help you explore the work of one of the greatest singers of all time.

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Front-to-Back Albums: Dispatch - America, Location 12

With the passage of time, Dispatch has grown up over the years. Where 2000’s Who Are We Living For? was rife with energetic ballads and protest songs, and 1997’s Bang Bang was a raucous surf party, America, Location 12 showcases a band at peace with where its members are in life.

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Remembering the Soldier's Sacrifice Through Music

This Memorial Day, as we pause to reflect on the sacrifices of those who died in the line of duty to their country, we can take a journey through the history of the soldier’s story as told with music. The selected songs embody the story of the soldier through the eyes of the contemporaneous culture and hopefully it’s an interesting look at how music has told the soldier’s story from the present back to the American Civil War.

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Front-to-Back Albums: Chris Stapleton - From A Room

If you're all caught up in genre and labels you'll probably miss this record, and that's shame.

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