Rolling Stones - Tattoo YouTattoo You is an odd choice for an Audiophile Essentials album. It’s basically a collection of unused or unfinished tracks taken by Associate Producer Chris Kimsey and patched together into an almost entirely cohesive album, (in fact, the album’s arguably strongest track Waiting On A Friend dated back to 1972).


In between tour dates in 1980 band members over-dubbed some parts to finish tracks and singer Mick Jagger wrote and recorded lyrics to most of the tracks without the rest of the band.


Tattoo You was the Rolling Stones last chart-topping album, and it pretty much embodies what we all think about when we consider the Rolling Stones as a band.


Sonic highlights are Charlies Watts’ drums on Start Me Up and Slave. Both are utterly flawless recordings of sublime performances, which sort of sums up Watt’s entire career. Sonny Rollins’ saxophone on the aforementioned Waiting On A Friend and Neighbours are once again wonderful recordings of great performances.


Tattoo You is a fantastic sonic glimpse of the days when guitar was king, and the Rolling Stones were the seminal guitar band.