KEF recently joined all of the movers and shakers in the home audio and home theater world in San Diego for CEDIA's annual get-together. To say it was a good show all-around is an understatement, so you know what they say...a picture tells a thousand words, so here's 7,000 words on the subject.


Great sounding music is something everyone should enjoy, and with that in mind welcome to KEF at CEDIA 2017: 

KEF - CEDIA 2017

 Just a sample of our in-wall, in-ceiling, whole house audio solutions:

KEF - CEDIA 2017 - Architectural Solutions

 Extreme Home Theater:

KEF - CEDIA 2017 - Ci5160RL Foundry Edition

 EGG and Q150 welcomes you home:

KEF - CEDIA 2017 - EGG & Q150

 LS50W Active music system for a dynamic life:

KEF - CEDIA 2017 - LS50W Active Music System

 The Reference - precision and accuracy equals joy and beauty:

KEF - CEDIA 2017 - Reference 1

 San Diego was an amazing and inviting place:

KEF - CEDIA 2017