By Johan Coorg, June 8, 2018


Front to Back Album Review: Moby - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

  • Released: March 1, 2018
  • Label: Little Idiot
  • Producer: Moby

3 out of 5 Play Buttons

Three out of Five Play Buttons (just for the track Mere Anarchy)


Moby has been prolific. Highly prolific with over 100 albums. The New Yorker can probably lay good claim to being both loved and loathed; on the negative side for trivialising and popularising techno, and on the positive, bringing thought to it?


I have never been a great fan, preferring the more earthy dark sentiment Brit trip hop style of Massive Attack. So I was intrigued to check this out, grabbed initially by the excellent album cover (will this alone go on to win an award?).   



From the outset track Mere Anarchy suddenly and immediately one hears shades of early Massive Attack … hmmm worth further exploration …..


Track three The Last Goodbyes carries on the feeling, but it’s more gentle and spiritual in nature, with meandering plaintiff wailings, perhaps reflecting Moby’s own Christian devotional beliefs?


The album continues into the quiet introspective wandering anthem The Tired and The Hurt – I personally start to lose interest a little. I’ve heard this all before.


But whoah, the next track Welcome to Hard Times recovers my attention with its nice melancholy harmony and lovely voice. What next?.....


Oh dear. The Sorrow Tree sounds like it’s been done by some college kids experimenting on a theme idea in a garage – I see swaying girl chorus dressed in long silk gowns – No thanks.


Sorry dear reader, the rest of the album descends into the normal Moby fare, which has caused me to avoid his other large swathes of work.


Those into Moby I am sure will love it, but for me the great promise of Mere Anarchy and the wonderful album cover faded to deliver ultimate disappointment.

That said – do please check out Mere Anarchy!


Listened on LS50W via 44.1/16 FLAC streamed from Roon accessing Tidal on Macbook .