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Just like great music, not every great recording comes from back in the day. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit’s The Nashville Sound is a great record on all accounts.


Formerly with Drive-By Truckers, Isbell is an artist who is setting the world on fire, but unless you’re paying strict attention to things outside the mainstream music media, you probably don’t know that. Sure, he’s won a handful of Grammys and he’s selling out mid-size sheds everywhere he plays, but he’s not a household name – and that’s a shame because households should be filled with music the likes of which Isbell and his 400 Unit are making.The Nashville Sound


It’s a sonically small production and is typically flat in the mid-range like a lot of records being made today, but the sound of the record perfectly fits the mood of the music. If this was a giant Alan Parsons-type production the music would get swallowed up and lose its punch. Audiophiles might not be in love with this album because of that, but, you know, whatever. That being said, in the 96kHz/24-bit FLAC format, the nuance and punch is only off-set by the sweetness of the guitars and the languid ennui of Isbell’s vocal approach. So actually, if they [audiophiles] listen to the acoustic guitars they’ll be compelled to love this record too.

Sure The Nashville Sound works well on a Bluetooth speaker because the music is that good, but this album sounds great in the definition it was meant to be heard in.


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