When we launched the LS50W Active Music System at the end of 2016, our excitement over the stunning quality of the product was matched only by our excitement over the things we knew were yet to come.


With today’s announcement of our partnership with Roon Labs we are thrilled to announce yet another amazing addition to the ways you can enjoy amazing high-quality music with the LS50W. Roon is an incredibly intuitive and powerful music player that has incorporated some ingenious ways of processing both the audio data and the metadata providing every music lover with an experience that truly needs to be heard to be believed.


Architecturally different from Cloud-based music players, Roon is an object-based platform consisting of a single core and as many controls and outputsRoon as you need. This means you get the same Roon experience whether you're running on a single PC or on multiple devices around your home.


Basically, Roon exploits the incredible processing power of the CPU in your laptop or desktop computer to provide a dynamic library of the millions of objects – from tracks and albums to works, performances, labels, genres, credits, etc., that are typically found in the average music library. Modern processing power and storage capabilities are enabling technologies like Roon – software that completely changes the way you interact with your music without compromising its quality.


But Roon is much more than just a library management system. It separates the audio output from all of the other busy-work a computer needs to do. Things like queue management, stream decoding, collecting data from online music services and managing and communicating with your local network all detract from what’s really important – the sound of your music. Besides removing processing power from your music, all of those functions add minute amounts of noise to your stream that are cumulative and destructive to the quality of the audio itself. Roon’s centralized Core does the heavy lifting allowing audio devices to take care of the audio output.


In short, the audio is left to the experts (us) while the data and streaming management is left to your not-so-audio friendly but super-powerful CPU. Truly, KEF + Roon gives the music lover the best of both worlds.


Please check back tomorrow for an in-depth look at Roon’s technology and how the KEF LS50W is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of that technology.