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Munich High-End: A Post-Show Review

With our announcements of the new Reference line as well as Blade Two, the Munich High-End show was a great success for KEF. 

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KEF Masters of Sound Video Trailer

Take the Jump for a fabulous two minute summation of our Masters of Sound event in February. 

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February 13, 2014: Masters of Sound (Fly On the Wall Perspective)

On Thursday, February 13, KEF America hosted an evening of discussion and music at MSR Studios in mid-town Manhattan. Hosted by our Brand Ambassador Johan Coorg, our featured guest was studio legend Ken Scott with special guests Staying for the Weekend, an indie rock outfit from Nashville. Hit the JUMP for a full account of an amazing evening.

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Approximately 10 Questions With Ben Matthews From Thunder

Recently, Ben Matthews, guitarist and keyboardist from Thunder, and a well-respected audio engineer and producer in his own right, sat down with me for approximately ten questions about playing in front of 100,000 people, recording, and whether or not the kazoo is actually a musical instrument.

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KEF M500 & Tony Grey - "Then and Now"

Check out this video of bass virtuoso Tony Grey recording Then and Now using a pair of KEF M500 headphones. We're pretty stoked because you can't record music with the clarity, soul and precision of a piece like Then and Now using monitoring headphones that can't keep up.

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LS50s Take On the Mastering Studio

The mastering engineer is a specialist with finely tuned ears who can hear things most of us mere audio-mortals can’t. But without the work of the mastering engineer, things like volume and equalization wouldn’t be consistent, and problems with the final mix and production would greatly diminish the listening experience for all of us.

On May 23rd I had the pleasure, as part of KEF’s partnership with professionals in the audio production field, to listen to a pair of LS50’s in a mastering studio in New York City run by a multi-Grammy® Award winning mastering engineer. We’ll talk more about him and his studio another time, but I was too blown away by how the LS50’s held their own yesterday to wait!

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