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A Digital Music Primer

The tech that makes our music so easily available to us may be complicated but getting at least a passing knowledge of it all isn’t. With that in mind, here is our Digital Music Primer.

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MQA Basics

We get a considerable amount of questions about LS50W and MQA, so here are some basic answers regarding the platform.

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HI-RES AUDIO 101: Is There Really A Difference?

There is a quiet revolution happening as music consumers are awakening from their unfortunate fourteen year mp3-induced low-res slumber as high resolution music becomes increasingly available and affordable.


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LS50W: Five Ways to Connect – A Million Ways to Enjoy

Since its release last winter, the LS50W Active Music has set the audio world on fire with it goose-bump-inducing soundstage and sonic capabilities, but the LS50W is now an even more powerful and flexible active music system.

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Roon + LS50W - A Quick Primer

With the announcement that KEF's LS50W is now Roon capable, here's the 411 on this amazing opportunity to enjoy your digital music library like you've never been able to enjoy it before.

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KEF + Roon

KEF announces LS50W compatibility with our parnership with Roon, truly giving music lovers the best of both worlds.

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