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Essential Downloads: Pink Floyd

You should probably have a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon in some format in your library, but Floyd has an incredibly vast discography of excellent sounding songs beyond that 1974 landmark record. So for this week’s Essential Downloads we’re going to look at Pink Floyd beyond the Dark Side of the Moon.

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KEF Soundlight In-Ceiling Speakers - Great Sound, Beautiful Form

With extreme attention to design detail in mind, KEF’s engineers have managed to build a product with the sought-after sound quality of our larger speakers in an in-ceiling-can with the same size and mounting appearance as the standard in-ceiling lights commonly found in high-end kitchens and baths.

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Essential Downloads: The Rolling Stones

It’s hard to imagine that there are people out there who are not intimately familiar with the music of the Rolling Stones as they are at least as pervasive as the Beatles in the common cultural consciousness, but just in case…here are the 10 Essential Downloads you should start your Rolling Stones library with.

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Masters of Sound With KEF Head of Acoustics Jack Oclee-Brown

KEF Masters of Sound visits the Strand Theater in Lakewood NJ with KEF Head of Acoustics Jack Oclee-Brown for a discussion about Blade technology and the goal of all of us here at KEF.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With KEF Ventura

Before you start your outdoor-living DIY projects this spring check out our Ventura Series, or tell your installer / dealer that you have decided to go with the best outdoor product out there, KEF Ventura.

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Essential Downloads: The Who

Even cheap mp3s on iTunes cost money, and it can be daunting to a financially challenged music fan to build a library of music that they’re really only curious about and not sure about just yet. In the Essential Download Series, we’ll take a look at groundbreaking and influential artists from each of music’s three classical ages and give you a place to start your own exploration of their music. In the second installment, we’re going to stick with classic British rock and give you the 411 on Essential Downloads for The Who.

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