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DJ Low Freak and LS50W

Toni Ramos (aka Lowfreak) is an electronic producer, remixer, and mix and mastering engineer based in Spain. His work has topped the major digital download platforms for Electronica and EDM such as Beatport, TrackitDown and Juno. Lowfreak's music is a fusion of hard hitting EDM and modern Bass music mixed with such wide-ranging styles as Flamenco and Arabic, with exotic flavors such as Tuvan singing and Celtic added for extra spice. Lowfreak has recently made the switch to LS50W in his production studio and here's what he had to say the LS50W's performance:A subwoofer is simply a speaker that reproduces the very lowest audio frequencies. Subwoofers are specialised audio products that can bring the thrill and action alive in your movies in even with the most modest audio system. Subwoofers are generally quite big because a large cabinet is necessary to create low notes with high volume, but this doesn’t always have to be true.

Regarding my change to KEF, firstly I had heard about the LS50W from Luca Pretolesi at StudioDMI. After hearing their recommendations and reading up on KEF, your trajectory and this special 50th anniversary edition I was willing to risk it. I say this because usually you can't familiarize yourself with any monitors until you have spent some time with them listening to how they react to different source material. But in this case, from the moment I ran audio through these it was like realizing that you had been looking through binoculars that were out of focus. These speakers do not flinch with even the busiest material. Also, the sweet spot is as wide as I can move my head around. Any element from the mix immediately sticks out and allows me to work a lot faster than ever. For me this is crucial since mixing and mastering is a constant fight against the clock. My mission is always to get to your goal as quick as possible to maintain your objectivity as long as you can.

And then on the aesthetic look of these speakers I am completely in love. I absolutely love the design of the LS50W and so does everyone else I know!! I purposely wanted all of my studio furniture and equipment to match but I did not expect these to look so elegant.

Lowfreak currently releases music on several labels including the prestigous Alliance RADAR record label from the multi-grammy award winning Studio DMI out of Las Vegas, headed by Luca Pretolesi (Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Borgeous, Above and Beyond).

For more information For more information and to check out some of Lowfreak's music, please hit the link: DJ LOWFREAK

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