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Since 1961, KEF speakers have represented a touchstone in audiophile quality. Every element of our home theater speakers is designed for maximum listening enjoyment and overall clarity. When it comes to hi-fi audio, tonal balance is vitally important. KEF speakers produce the full frequency range in vivid detail, without overemphasizing any part of the spectrum. To ensure that your home theater contains a proper speaker arrangement, KEF has designed a comprehensive range of home theater packages. Inspired by space-age design, the E305 home theater system comprises four E301 satellite speakers, an E301c center channel, and an E-2 powered subwoofer. Using KEF’s original Uni-Q driver array, these home theater speakers deliver pristine mid-range and treble, with no compromises. Read more…

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  1. Q250c Center Channel Speaker
  2. R8a
    CA $ 1,599.99
  3. R11
    CA $ 3,374.99
  4. R7
    CA $ 2,599.99
  5. R5
    CA $ 1,899.99
  6. R2c
    CA $ 1,599.99
  7. R3
    CA $ 2,699.99
  8. Q50a Dolby Atmos Module
    Q50a Dolby Atmos Module
    Special Price CA $ 599.99 Regular Price CA $ 699.99
  9. KUBE 10b Subwoofer
    KUBE 10b Subwoofer
    Special Price CA $ 698.99 Regular Price CA $ 799.99
  10. KUBE 8b Subwoofer
    KUBE 8b Subwoofer
    Special Price CA $ 499.99 Regular Price CA $ 649.99
  11. T100 Ultra Thin Home Theater
    Out of Stock
  12. C4 Subwoofer
    Out of Stock
    C4 Subwoofer
    CA $ 449.99
  13. T205 Home Theater System
    T205 Home Theater System
    Special Price CA $ 1,698.99 Regular Price CA $ 2,299.99
  14. LS50 Wireless Music System
    LS50 Wireless Music System
    Special Price CA $ 2,799.99 Regular Price CA $ 2,999.99
Grid List

34 Items

Set Descending Direction