A Product For Every Step Of Your Audio Journey

Statement of the Obvious: Technology has changed the music world so much that it is virtually unrecognizable from what it was even ten years ago.

Trying to find the right sound in a era of constantly changing technology is nothing new. This is where the hobby of Hi-Fi started: Music lovers would assemble a modest stereo system with the budget they had at the time, and as technological advances were released (and the hobbyists’ paycheck increased) the modest stereo system became a constantly changing symbol not of dissatisfaction per se, but aural restlessness.

During the golden age of Hi-Fi, the pursuit of audio perfection was born because amplifier, speaker and other associated component technology seemed to change every year or so. Not to mention the art and science of recording music improved so much that we realized how much beauty we were missing out on by listening on inferior equipment. And right when high-end audio technology seemed to level off a little, digital hit the scene and the technological pursuit began all over again.

High-end audio component manufacturers will always find new ways to make music sound great, and now with storage and streaming technologies changing and improving every few months, the audio journey is actually more exciting than ever before. Literally every song in existence is available at your fingertips and it all sounds amazing (Lo-Fi not withstanding!). It’s a good time to be a music lover.

Audio, unlike any other entertainment medium seems to be almost limitless in the ability to improve on the performance of even the best equipment in the world. You may be fortunate enough to hear a $10,000 stereo system one day, and restless enough to know that the sound could still be improved the next!

Music, like any of our other passions, is a journey, and half the fun of pursuing a passion is knowing there is no true “destination” – it’s all part of the ride.

Since 1961, we’ve been passionate about the journey. Our reputation has been earned through our ability to push boundaries and produce some really exquisite audio products, but we’re keenly aware that no one starts out at the top. Who appreciates being at the top without having striven to get there? It truly is all about the journey.

Today, more than ever, we have the products for every step of your audio journey. Some of them may be your final destination and others may just be a gateway to the amazing world of high-quality audio. You don’t have to turn music into a lifelong quest for perfection – you can find a sound you love and enjoy it for your entire life, but once you hear the possibilities you just may find yourself on a quest.

From the LSX and Q Series, to the LS50 Wireless, LS50 and then on to R Series and Reference, there is a digital music system or passive speaker perfect for your stage of the journey.  And of course, there’s always Blade and Muon for when you’re ready!


The key is to enjoy the journey!

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