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A Stroll Through the KEF Museum - 1970s

As KEF grew throughout the 1970s so did our technical expertise, with the first implementation of computers in loudspeaker design and measurement. This development would lead to world famous designs such as Reference Series. The 'Total System Design' concept was equally applicable at the entry level with products such as the Celeste III dominating the budget loudspeaker market. To this day, designs such as Blade, LS50 and the new R Series (as well as all of our other products) benefit from the use of Finite Element Analysis and other computer simulations.


Cadenza – 70-76
Chorale – 70-79
Coda – 71-77
Cantor – 71-78
Corelli – 76-81
Calinda – 76-81
Cantata – 76-81
Concord III – 76-80
Celeste III – 76-80
Cresta MkII – 70-72
Caprice – 73-80
C40 – 79-90
C65 – 79-80
Reference 101 – 79-86
Reference 103 – 76-77
Reference 104 – 73-76 - The First Reference!
Reference 104AB – 76-80 - Pictured above.
Reference 105 – 77-79
Reference 105.2 – 79-87
Reference 5/1 AC – 73-76
303 – 79-80
304 – 79-80

Connecting to your LS50 Wireless II

For enthusiasts and hobbyists who wanted to build their own cabinets, or install them in a wall permanently, KEF also sold kits which consisted of the baffle, drivers and crossover.
Subwoofers can be a major enhancement to any music or movie system, and they’re not incredibly difficult to set up especially with a quality product that has been designed to be user-friendly and high performing.

104aB KIT – 79-81
Cantata KIT – 78-79
KEF KIT1 – 74-77

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