Announcing The LSX II

Marlboro, NJ – June 9, 2022: Today, KEF is announcing the upcoming launch of the LSX II Wireless HiFi System.  Hear every detail of your favourite song, feel the tension of the latest game, or lose yourself in a binge-worthy box set; this compact, wireless speaker system delivers high-fidelity audio into your living room, home office or studio. 

Many times, improper subwoofer placement is the biggest challenge you’ll face when building your audio system. We must often compromise between where a subwoofer sounds best and where it looks best. Aesthetics often take priority over acoustics which can frustrate a new subwoofer owner when the placement of the subwoofer doesn’t let the subwoofer operate at its best. Low notes are affected by the walls, corners, and furnishings in a room in ways that can seriously diminish sound quality. KEF subwoofers use an ingenious equaliser that compensates for room placement issues by adjusting the low frequency output based on placement near a wall, in a corner, or even in a cabinet. KEF subwoofers can even adjust for apartment living, allowing you to have great bass response while still being a good neighbour! Because of these innovative features, the compromise between acoustics and aesthetics is no longer an issue.

Harnessing over 60 years of KEF’s acoustic excellence, LSX II is an enhancement of the original, award-winning LSX. The LSX II features technological innovations and unrivalled accessibility to intensify all listening experiences, with renowned industrial designer Michael Young, complementing the system with contemporary and minimal design.

Versatile in every way, the LSX II is the next generation of plug and play speaker system. Featuring the W2 wireless platform (found in the LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless), comprehensive connectivity options, and extensive streaming possibilities, LSX II makes listening easy.
Thanks to the knowledge and experience of KEF’s talented engineers, LSX II features some of the brand’s pioneering technology to create high-fidelity audio. LSX II uses a specially designed version of KEF’s 11th generation Uni-Q driver array to disperse sound around the room evenly. The advanced Music Integrity Engine delivers a perfectly timed performance for better clarity and a tighter, more accurate sound. 

The two-channel stereo approach also allows music to develop and breathe in a space, generating a three-dimensional soundstage. The speakers appear to disappear, leaving you to become fully immersed and drawn into the experience. 

The KEF Connect app provides instant control over the speakers from the palm of your hand. Once the speakers have been unboxed, the app offers an intuitive on-boarding process to ensure a simple set-up. Easy connection for streaming, control and settings gives you the ability to personalise your audio to best suit your home. 

Every aspect of the LSX II Wireless System has been carefully considered to complement and enhance your home entertainment experience. From multiroom connectivity with additional wireless speakers through Apple Airplay 2, Google Chromecast, etc., to interior statements with the colour-matched S1 floor stand and desk & wall placement options, the flexibility and adaptability options of LSX II allow for ample integration. 

LSX II is available in five statement finishes: Mineral White and Lava Red models finished with matte satin and high-gloss respectively, while Carbon Black and Cobalt Blue are clad in a specially designed fabric from Danish contemporary textile designer, Kvadrat. The Soundwave by Terence Conran Edition was one of the iconic British designer’s final collaborations. The version sees the ‘soundwave’ pattern woven into the unique Kvadrat fabric complemented with Conran’s signature blue on the speaker port and driver for a true statement. 

The LSX will be officially available on June 23, 2022 for $1400 USD. 

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