Elite Dealer Spotlight: Echo Audio

Our dealer partners are a vital asset. Our dealers are special: qualified, experienced and honest plus we all share the same goal: Provide the best possible audio gear and experience within our customers’ budgets and needs.

Since our dealers are such an integral part of our business, we’re proud to spotlight them and share their stories with our fans and friends around the country. This month we are spotlighting one of our Elite dealers, Echo Audio in Portland, OR.

“We love what we do and love sharing our wonderful audio finds,” and “helping someone get their first real stereo,” were the first two things the team at Echo Audio wanted us to share with our readers. Located at 5904 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway in Portland, Echo Audio has been in business since 1995 and has been a KEF dealer since 2013. Echo Audio is an attitude-free zone. “We don't believe that you're just not living large unless you have a $10,000 CD player powered by some humongous amplifier that needs to be hooked up directly to Hoover Dam.” Of course, Echo Audio happily sells ultra-high-end gear, because it’s often amazing, but the team at Echo Audio believes “a $700 system can sound as good as a $3K system if it's chosen well.” That is the essence of doing business with a good stereo shop and working with a team you can trust.

Echo Audio’s basic philosophy is that they are "real world." They’ll explain the difference between a modest consumer brand and a really high-end brand. They believe the “whole point of high-end audio is truth. Why else go to all the trouble of finding high-end equipment? But truth shouldn't just come out of your speakers. It should be coming from us, too.”

Echo Audio started solely as an LS50 dealer and soon “fell in love with all of the KEF products.”Echo Audio, Portland, OR According to owner Kurt Doslu, “LS50 and now the Meta are one of our favorites as once a client hears them, they will likely continue their Hi-Fi journey with the KEF brand and may even end up with a pair of the Reference. The Reference line speaks for itself.”

Echo Audio features a dedicated listening room and headphone bar, as well as a fully stocked and expertly staffed on-site repair center. Be sure to call ahead as they work on an appointment only basis.

For more information, click the link to check out Echo Audio online.

Echo Audio features full service, on-site repairs for all of your audio gear.

"We love what we do and love sharing our wonderful audio finds."

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