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KEF and Tidal - A Big Deal for Music Lovers

Earlier this month we announced our partnership with Tidal for implementation of their high-resolution streaming service into our LS50W Active Music System. This is the first step in what is going to be an exciting journey for the LS50W in the coming months. We are working to make the LS50W the only music system you will ever need, and once you hear the quality of the LS50W’s playback, that’s a pretty awesome thing for music lovers everywhere.


Tidal is a streaming service for people who truly love music. Their high-resolution streaming platforms makes millions of high-res, lossless files available to you at the swipe of a button. But the service also offers expertly Curated Editorial content that goes far beyond just music files.

LS50W Active Music System

Taking the renowned and highly respected performance of the passive LS50 and turning it into a fully active music system with dedicated pre-amps, amps and super-high-fidelity DACs was no mean feat, but the results are something we here at KEF are extremely proud of. The LS50W is a music system for every music lover – and there’s more to come!

So, if you’re a music lover who wants to hear what your favorite artists actually intended you hear, Tidal and the LS50W are a perfect match.

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