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LSX Accessories Take Your Listening to Another Level

Following the launch of the compact two-speaker wireless music system, the LSX, KEF introduces the LSX Accessories range, consisting of the S1 Floor Stand, the B1 Wall Bracket and the P1 Desk Pad. All product will be available in August, and pre-orders are being accepted.

S1 Floor Stand

The S1 Floor Stand is designed to let the sound of the LSX fill the room. The stand features an aluminum structure with a fillable pillar, providing a stable base for the speaker whilst the integrated cable management provides a clean, mess-free aesthetic for the LSX. Perfectly versatile, the black or white design allows it to seamlessly fit into any home.

B1 Wall Bracket

The black or silver B1 Wall Bracket is an adaptable and easy to install accessory to match the 'plug-and-play' nature of the LSX. Enhancing the listening environment, it features cable management, an integrated mounting system and an adjustable dias to give easy rotation for an elegantly simple LSX experience.

P1 Desk Pad

In a black or silver finish, the P1 Desk Pad is ideal for a variety of uses from desktops to low TV cabinets and provides a 10° upward tilt.

The new accessory range will enhance the LSX experience to even greater heights enabling users to incorporate the high fidelity sound of the LSX seamlessly into their homes. Availability: The LSX Accessories range is currently available August Suggested Retail Prices: S1 [$349.99 / pair], B1 [$229.99 / pair] & P1 [$179.99 / pair].

In addition to the exciting new accessories range, KEF recently announced the introduction of Apple AirPlay™ 2 meaning LSX owners will be able to effortlessly stream music, videos and games from any Apple device including iPhone, iPad or Mac to their speaker. Updating to AirPlay™ 2 is a seamless experience, with the new firmware deployed over-the-air and working across all existing products purchased by existing and future customers.]

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