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Top Ten Most Romantic Songs

By Jack Sharkey, February 14, 2018

Music has the magic to say the things we can only feel and barely think. That's why the songwriter is such an important part of our world - songwriters say the things we can only dream of being eloquent enough to say. Fall head over heals in love on this Valentine's Day, and listen to some great music as you're falling.

 So, here they are, pop music's Top Ten Most Romantic Songs.   

10. Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley. 

9. Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran. 

8. Avalon - Roxy Music. 

7. Your Love Is King - Sade. 

6. You're My Best Friend - Queen. 

5. Babylon - David Gray. 

4. What Is Life? - George Harrison. 

3. Thank You - Dido. 

2. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys. (BBC Tribute to Brian Wilson)

1. The Lady In Red - Chris de Burgh. 

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