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Where do I set my crossover? It’s one of the most frequent questions we get asked here at KEF, and unfortunately, one that has no simple answer.  Despite this, shedding a little light on the process should point you to the right balance that makes your KEF set up sound just right.

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LSX II wireless HiFi speakers deliver High-Fidelity sound that's true enough to touch. The perfect compact all-in-one speaker system is now in its second generation, upgraded to deliver more balanced sound in higher resolution.

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We are proud to announce that EISA has honoured LSX II with the Wireless Bookshelf Loudspeakers award and R Series with the Loudspeaker Series award in its Best Product 2023 - 2024 categories.

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Audiophile -

Are you an ailurophile? Or instead of your love for all things cats, does your pup love the fact you are a cynophile?

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A subwoofer is simply a speaker that reproduces the very lowest audio frequencies. A properly integrated subwoofer can bring the thrill and action alive in your movies in even in the most modest audio system. The problem with subwoofers is they’re often all you can hear. We love bass! We love the ability to make the room shake and our chests thump. It’s fun!

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