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A Quick Look At the All-New R Series

The new R Series is closer in design and technology to Blade, Reference and LS50 than it is to the 2011 R Series. The culmination of years of research and design, the new R Series will bring back the goose-bump inducing joy of music and home entertainment at a price point that was unattainable just a few years ago.


Reduced cabinet vibration from stiffened bracing and lossy joining of braces developed for LS and Reference

Reduced response diffraction with the much narrower cabinet profile

Improved directivity and response diffraction from the Shadow Flare originally introduced with Reference

Improved port design that reduces chuffing and turbulence which was introduced with LS and Reference

Bass drivers derived from the technology used with Blade

Brand new 12th Gen Uni-Q uses a channel gap to eliminate HF distortion and turbulence

12th Gen Uni-Q uses a decoupling MF driver to a more natural HF response and improved crossover control

Improved vented tweeter design provides more natural HF response and improved crossover control


Each model features the 12th generation 5” Uni-Q with 1" tweeter.
R3 Bookshelf – 6.5 bass driver, 3-way, rear-ported
R5 Floorstander – 2x 5.25” bass driver, 3-way, rear-ported

R7 Floorstander – 2x 6.5” bass driver, 3-way, rear-ported
R11 Floorstander – 4x 6.5” bass driver, 3-way, rear-ported
R2c Center Channel – 2x 5.25” bass driver, 3-way, closed box
R8a Atmos-enabled Surround – 5.25” 12th gen HF/MF/LF Uni-Q, 2-way, closed-box

All models are available in gloss Black, gloss White and Walnut. 

The new R Series has changed the state of the art in its class and we can’t wait for you to hear a pair for yourself.

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