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A Stroll Through the KEF Museum - 1960s

KEF's first products formed the three-way K1 Series but with the 1962 introduction of the now world famous B139 bass driver, the best-selling Celeste was born and gave the company the early success and stability it used as a foundation for its growth over the next half-century plus.

Used in the Cresta and Concerto, the B110 and T27 drivers followed in 1967 and were eventually selected by the BBC for use in the LS3/5A monitor. The manufacture of monitor loudspeakers such as the LS5/1A for the BBC provided KEF with useful experience in working to tight acoustic tolerances.

By the end of the decade KEF was established as a leading company in the audio industry with commercial and critical success not only for the KEF loudspeaker systems but for the drive units which were adopted by numerous companies around the world into their own systems.


K1 Slimline – 61-66 – the first!
K1 Monitor – 62-66
K2 Slimline – 64-66
K2 Celeste – 62-66
Duette Standard – 65-66
Duette Deluxe – 63-66(pictured above)
Cantata – 65-70
BBC Monitor LS5/1A – 64-74
Concord – 66-72
Celeste II – 66-72
Cresta – 67-71(Closest consumer version to LS3/5A – sold 50,000+ units)
Carlton – 67-69
Concerto – 69-77

For enthusiasts and hobbyists who wanted to build their own cabinets, or install them in a wall permanently, KEF also sold KEFKIT, which consisted of the baffle, drivers and crossover. The K1 Slimline in the early 60s was the first KEF kit.

KEFKIT2 – 67-75
KEFKIT3 – 69-78
KEFKIT4 – 69-71

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