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KEF Dealer Spotlight: Home Theater Technologies, Colleyville, TX

There are more home entertainment options now than ever before. From simple Bluetooth speakers to full-blown Dolby Atmos-enabled home theatre rooms, today’s consumers face an incredible number of home-entertainment choices. So much so that it’s become daunting to make even the smallest home entertainment purchase.

Twenty years ago, there were far fewer choices and almost every town boasted a locally-owned shop staffed with experts who made a career out of knowing every available advance and option. Today the paradigm has shifted 180 degrees: There are nearly immeasurable options and if a consumer is lucky there may be a local big box store with a small sales staff to help navigate the options. This has created a communication void between consumers and manufacturers.

Now more than ever consumers need the advice of a trained expert who understands each and every home entertainment option. Locally owned “mom and pop” home entertainment stores are once again becoming the go-to choice for the savvy home-entertainment consumer.

Like other high-end targeted retailers, Home Theater Technologies in Colleyville TX understands this need and is constantly striving to offer a customer experience that has sadly become unique in today’s market: knowledge and trust are at the cornerstone of their business. Programs like the upcoming series of Audio-Video Excellence events where consumers can meet first-hand with manufacturer reps and the store’s own experts in a low-pressure, relaxed atmosphere are just one way Home Theater Technologies is helping bridge the current communication gap that has formed between manufacturer and end-user. With knowledgeable staff that is willing to converse with customers without worrying about turning over the next sale, this unique approach is a throwback to a time when the educated consumer truly was the best customer. KEF is a proud partner with Home Theater Technologies and our other Elite Dealer partners throughout the United States, who are all once again becoming neighborhood necessities in an ever changing business.

Home Theater Technologies is owned by James and Tracey Westerbrook and was founded on the principle that the benefits of a value-added retailer will always be in demand. As James Westerbrook puts it, "We get a lot of traffic from people who have just left a big box shop who are unhappy with their experience.” Consumers are realizing that bigger is not necessarily better and that block-busting big box retailers don’t always offer the best value or price and individual attention and expertise is once again becoming acknowledged as the best way to serve the customer.

Like the vinyl revival earlier in the decade, this new trend toward smaller, more focused service will undoubtedly provide the consumer with the best possible home-entertainment purchasing experience. With so many options and so few qualified retailers, the trend to smaller more personalized retailers is an idea whose time has come (again).

Home Theater Technolgoies in Colleyville Texas is one of our Elite dealers who is leading that charge and we’re proud to partner with them. Hit the link or click on the picture above to learn more about them!

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