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Frequency Range and Frequency Response

Frequency Range is the actual span of frequencies a speaker can produce.

For example, the R5 performs flat from 38Hz to 50kHz without dipping below a -6dB attenuation. Even though a speaker may produce some sound above or below the listed number, meaningful Frequency Range is within the -6dB attenuation line.

Typical in-room bass response refers to how a loudspeaker operates in real-world environments. Rooms tend to boost lower frequencies because of a phenomenon known as signal loading. Typically, in a normal room under typical circumstances, a loudspeaker may go as far as 25% beyond the lowest specified frequency. This is also sometimes referred to as Low Frequency Extension.

Frequency Response calculates Frequency Range versus Amplitude (which is variable by frequency and applied power).  A Frequency Response Curve (FRC) shows the flat response (within +/- 3dB) throughout a speaker’s frequency range.

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