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HTF 8003 and HTF 7003 - Soundbars Designed To Complement Your Lifestyle

An elegant compromise between great sound and good looks has always been difficult to achieve. Today’s sleek flat panel televisions demand an audio solution that not only complements their stylish good looks but also faithfully reproduces detailed high definition audio. Among the several solutions KEF is proud to offer is the HTF8003 Soundbar – a perfect combination of KEF’s world-renown audio performance and stylish good looks.

Delivering on the promise of KEF's legendary sound quality and rock solid sonic imaging, the HTF8003 / 7003 produces the home theatre's front soundstage from a single acoustically inert aluminium enclosure that re-creates the performance of three discrete loudspeakers.

The technology behind the HTF8003 is KEF’s patented Uni-Q driver configuration that places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone. This creates a single focused audio source that disperses the sound image evenly throughout the room so that everyone enjoys the full richness of music or movie soundtracks.

Sized to perfectly complement flat panels 42in. or larger, the superbly finished high-gloss black HTF8003 Soundbar comes with a wall mount bracket and table stand for multiple installation options. So, whether your flat panel is mounted on a wall or seated on a credenza, the performance of the stylish KEF HTF8003 Soundbar will make your home theater sing!

KEF also offers the HTF7003 – a slightly smaller version allowing us to provide two sound bar solutions for a tailored fit to your needs.

Contact your dealer or KEF Direct for information on turning either HTF8003 or HTF7003 into a single center-channel speaker.

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